All About Windows Phone (AAWP)↗

I’m one of the rare users of the Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile platform. This site is by far the best resource for reading about it. Also, I’ve been on the AAWP Insight podcast 7 times! Big thanks to Steve Litchfield for having me on and for being the main creator on AAWP.

My AAWP Insight Podcast appearances:

All sorts of mobile tech goodness! Tune in to hear Ted Salmon, Steve Litchfield and guests chat about the mobile phone world. I have been on the podcast 5 times as well! Good folks all around, have a listen and also feel free to join in at the PSC MeWe community.

My PSC appearances:

Check out Steve Litchfield’s own personal rants, raves, and reviews over on his Blogspot blog. All tech is fair game on this one. Not just phones!

Tune in to hear Ted Salmon, Aidan Bell, and guests share products and solutions that are useful for everyday life and some that should be avoided (*coughRoom101cough*). You don’t have to be a mobile tech geek to enjoy the practical tips and DIY atmosphere this podcast offers. You can also chip in with your own everyday solutions at the Whatever Works MeWe community.

If you’re looking to buy or sell used or new tech in the U.S. of A. Swappa is a great community to do it! I’ve been a Swappa user since 2011 back in their early days. I highly recommend their site over eBay if you’re looking to sell your old device or get a new one.

StableHost is my current shared webhosting provider. The offer a really great, affordable, unlimited plan that is the best value I’ve seen to date. Also, they offer support Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates out of the box so you can get HTTPS up and running easily. Use my affiliate link below and I will get a small kickback if you purchase a hosting plan.

I recently switched to Tello for my cell service. I can attest that it works great especially if you’re already on T-Mobile’s network. Plus, they have some very cheap plans if you don’t need much data. Use my referral link above to sign up and we both get $10. Thanks!